I'm Raelyn, eighteen years old, and a Dutch person with a lot of hobbies. I read a lot of books, and i love to share that passion on my different social media platforms. Furthermore, I already create my own stories since I can talk, and I write them down since I have learned how to write.


When I was twelve I came across a platform called Wattpad, where I published one of my stories, but it disappeared quickly again. In 2019 I came back to Wattpad, and I got to know a lot of nice people. Because of those people I slowly found my own way into the 'bookstagram' world.


I developed friendships, and now I'm with a few of them in a writing

group. My presence on different social media platforms became bigger, and I started to share my passion more. In June 2021 I decided to start writing reviews, and now I receive a review copy once in a while from the publishing house.


Not much later, I started proofreading Dutch books, sharing things about my other hobbies, and even a photo sometimes from the zoo where I work. Since a short time, I'm also an ambassador for Wattpad, so I'm quite busy with that platform again as well.


On the page 'Things I'm busy with right now' you can find an overview of everything I'm actively busy with at the moment :)


Furthermore, I hope to see you around on my social media, so that we can talk with each other about books and other stuff!


- Raelyn