The blood traitor

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Title: The blood traitor

Author: Lynette Noni

Series: Prison healer, part 3

Genre(s): Fantasy, ya

My rating: 5/5 stars

Other books written by this author: The prison healer (part 1), The gilded cage (part 2), The medoran chronicles (series), Whisper (series)

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The story:

The blood traitor is the third and final part in The prison healer trilogy. I would recommend you read the previous parts first, before you continue reading this review. In the final volume, Kiva is first back in the place she had just left, after her sister sent her back. Although, despite the memories this place holds, Kiva does not intend to leave it at that. Help arrives from unexpected people, and Kiva puts all her effort into stopping the war and recapturing the heart of the boy she has fallen in love with. While doing so, she is also trying the hardest  to regain the trust of the rest of her friends and fight together for this kingdom. They will have to travel all over Wenderall for their journey, but with a group with a leader who no one trusts, that could go wrong. So they really need to pull out all the stops for this mission to succeed.


The characters:

You already know pretty much the entire cast of this trilogy, which makes it very easy to dive back into the story. The characters are super strong and all make huge growth even in this last book. There are also some characters who didn't have a very big role in the previous books, but come to the foreground a bit more in this book. These characters also have their own story they follow and are not just there to support the main character.

The characters learn from their mistakes they made in the earlier volumes and you can really see as a reader that they have all gotten a little older and wiser and now really know what they stand for and what they are fighting for.


My opinion:

I really looked forward to reading this last book for so long. I absolutely loved the first two parts and couldn't wait to find out what happened after the end of part 2. Pretty soon I was back in this story and empathizing with Kiva and other characters. Someone who definitely seemed unexpectedly on the right side for me was Cresta. I really started to love her in this last book. I always thought her character had something, but this book really carried her. Especially with how she made Kiva see what her mistakes were and how she could do better now.

At times I found the story getting a tiny bit long-winded and got a little anxious that the ending might have been crammed into too few pages. Fortunately, this wasn't too bad, but my hopes for a little more communication through the story between Kiva and Jaren were dashed. Yes, they had a nice ending. But personally, I thought it took a little too long for them to properly talk to each other, etc. For me, this could have happened just a little earlier. Because yes, it was all very bad what had happened, but I also had moments at times when I found Jaren reacting a little bit childishly.

Other than that little thing I flew through the story again and the writing style was fantastic again. I am so incredibly glad I discovered and started reading this trilogy. In fact, I will carry this story well in my memory for a long time, and I have really come to love these characters. It really was another super fun story to read, but I really didn't expect anything else from this amazing author.



The blood traitor is an excellent well-written ending to this trilogy. The ending is super well put together and there are some unexpected plot twists in this book as well. It completes the journey of these characters and if you have read the first parts, you really should read this one soon. In fact, the story ends super nicely in this book.


Let's finish with one of my favorite quotes from the book:

“We can look at the darkness and let it consume us, or we can recognize that it’s only temporary, trusting that once it passes, the light will return.”

- Lynette Noni, The blood traitor.

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