What if you & me

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Title: What if you & me

Author: Roni Loren

Series: Say everything, part 2

Genre(s): Romance, feelgood, na

My rating: 4/5 stars

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The story:

This book is the second part in the 'Say everything' series and although this second part contains characters from the first part, it can be read separately from part 1. The story follows two new main characters, one of which you already know a bit as side characters from part 1. In this story we follow Andi, who loves horror very much, writes it herself, runs a true crime podcast and thinks the whole world is a scary place. One of the reasons for this is that years ago she escaped from a relationship with a dangerous person. Andi only cares about her career and tries to ignore everything around her. But then she meets her new neighbor, who carries his own problems that he doesn't want to admit to, and Andi starts to turn her life upside down. Now Andi must learn to put her fears aside and believe in herself and true love.


The characters:

In this book, we follow two main characters, Andi and Hill. These two characters are both portrayed very realistically and the reader can easily follow their growth through the story. From the moment they first meet, it is clear that there is a spark between them, but they both struggle to really start a relationship. Slowly but surely, they get closer and decide to become friends with benefits.

Andi writes horror books and runs a podcast, which somewhat dominates her life. But not as much as her fear, which stems from her past. She escaped from someone very dangerous and is now in prison. She enjoys making her podcast, but some of the reactions she gets go very far. Hill sees these reactions too and decides to do something about it. He asks his ex, who also works for the police, if she can find out anything more about the person behind these messages.

Besides helping Andi and learning from her fears, Hill also has to deal with his own problems. He lost his lower leg in an accident and had to stop working as a fireman. His enjoyment of cooking has also been wiped out and he no longer knows what to do with his life. But then, from an unexpected quarter, Andi comes along and shows him that it is not too late to change course and make something of life again.

Together, the two learn to deal with their own fears and form a strong union. Both go through a great deal of growth in the story and all the problems and fears are realistically and well portrayed. This makes the reader feel as if they are really building up a bond with the main characters in the story. The side characters that pass by are also portrayed well and it is nice to see the two main characters from part 1 now as side characters. It shows very well how they are doing now and that they too are still growing into themselves. This gives a nice layer to the story and a thread that does not prolong a plot/story.


My opinion:

I already liked part 1 very much so I started this part full of expectations and once I was in the story, my expectations were all met again. I started to like the characters almost immediately and the plot that started around them was also set very strongly. Especially looking back, the plot was set very strongly with a lot of hints that you might not have seen right away, but after a while you knew.

In addition, I really liked the way the characters were portrayed as real people. Okay, the man still had a big, muscular body, which sometimes could have been the focus of less attention. But he was also missing a leg and had his fears and traumas. He is not a perfect character. And Andi is not perfect either. They are portrayed realistically (just like the main characters in part 1) and therefore, as a reader, you can empathize with them much more easily. Their relationship doesn't come out of the blue either and has its setbacks before it has even started. It goes through ups and downs and it's really fun to follow and see them grow together. They get closer to each other and learn to trust each other, on different levels. Which also leads to a written steamy scene here and there, which fit well within the story and do not come out of the blue and have nothing to do with the plot or the growth of the characters.

At times I found the story a little repetitive or a little too slow, but that was in fits and starts and I could still continue reading. When I got past the halfway point, I found myself sympathizing so much with the characters that I couldn't really put the story down, despite some moments where I didn't find the story itself interesting. Actually, the characters made up for some of the plot's weaknesses.

Overall, I enjoyed reading another book by this author and remain a fan of her writing style and the way she portrays her characters. Not only the main characters, but also all the side characters. Everyone has a story, which also includes downsides and setbacks and no one is perfect. The story is quick to read and easy to follow. There are not too many deeper layers in the plot and therefore you can read through the story without having to think too much. Just like part 1, this also deals with serious subjects, including mental health. It is beautifully presented and not romanticized, just like the other things going on with the characters. Everything is really put down.



What if you & me is a very enjoyable story to read that's suitable for anyone who likes romance, with a few small steamy scenes, and which also deals with some serious subjects. The writing style is easy to follow and the author writes everything down well and lets the characters grow in the story. It reads smoothly and really keeps you wanting to know what will happen next. And of course it has a good ending, as befits a feelgood.


Let's finish with one of my favorite quotes from the book:

"Sometimes fighting on behalf of someone else helps us remember that our own life is worth fighting for too."

- Roni Loren. What if you & me


{I received this book as a review copy, wherefore I thank the Dutch publishing house from this book, but this doesn't influence my opinion on the story}

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