Reign returned

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Title: Reign returned

Author: Katie Kerridan

Series: The Felserpent chronicles, part 1

Genre(s): Fantasy, romance

My rating: 5/5 stars

Other books by this author: Blood divided (part 2), Once upon a girl

Age category: Young Adult

Trigger warnings: Violence, threats, Death (animals/adults/children), Torture (child/adult), Kidnapping, Selling of children, Child experimentation, Injury detail, Mental health issues

The story

This story is about Kyra and Sebastian. Two people from different kind of bloods. Kyra is a golden blood, while Sebastian is a silver blood. They shouldn't be together. They shouldn't work together. They shouldn't have met each other.


But all that happened, and it will change everything.


And while they carefully start working together on a mission that will profit both of them. They accidentally uncover some well hidden truths about their past. That's more intertwined than they ever could imagine. And remembering that past may be the only way to change the future of astrals (gold bloods) and deavals (silver bloods).


The Characters

In this story we follow the two main characters: Kyra (an astral) and Sebastian (a deaval). And a whole cast of side characters. Every character has been worked out great, and even the side characters have fun stories and are lovely to see around in the story. Also, the cyphers (animals that are connected to astrals and deavals) have amazing roles in this story.


Kyra is the daughter of the Princepts Shaman, and the one who is most likely to follow in her fathers footsteps. She is the most powerful healer Aeles has seen in ages. Her life is going fine, until the day she finds out she's a recrovancer. That knowledge brings her world upside down, and the day she meets Sebastian, she knows she can't go back to the life she used to lead.


Sebastian is a deaval Assassin, and the most sought in all of Nocens. He's also a pyromancer, and looking for a lost, legendary sword. Sebastian feels like the sword belongs to them and will do everything to find the sword. The day he meets Kyra, he sees opportunities to actually go after the sword and get it back.


Kyra and Sebastian, an astral and deaval, start working together. But all astrals hate deavals, and all deavals dislike astrals. So, they need to be careful. But while on their journey, they uncover more things than just the ones they were looking for. They learn about their past, and about their future.


The setting

This story takes place in Nocens and Aeles, two entirely different worlds. In Nocens live all the deavals. And in Aeles you find the

astrals. Aeles has worked on many protections to keep deavals out of their world. While deavals don't really bother about protecting their world more. Also, it's not really necessary given the amount of work Aeles already does to make all astrals hate deavals, and them not even wanting to come there. Nocens and Aeles both have amazing discreption on how the places look. It's not hard to imagine where the characters are walking and even if they're inside a building you know perfectly well how it would look like.


My opinion

I started reading this book, since I got to join a booktour for part 2, and now, I can't wait until part 3 comes out.


This book was so good! I love the fantasy, the world, the characters, the plot. It was all worked out so well, and I really found a new favorite book series per accident. The writing style is wonderful and the story isn't your every day fantasy story. It has some amazing quite unique details in the plot.


Also, the cyphers. I LOVE THE CYPHERS. I even think they are my favorite characters, especially Batty. I mean, how can you not love Batty. Batty is amazing. Oh, and there is a dragon. I mean, that's already making it perfect. Anyways, our people characters are wonderful too. They feel like real people and that makes it fun to follow them around in this story. I mean, they don't always think their plans through, but honestly, who does that in real life? You know everyone makes mistakes and misses important clues at times. And that makes these characters realistic too.


The pacing of this story was also great, but because I read this story so slow, since I didn't have a lot of time, it sometimes felt like it went super slow, and it didn't have the right pacing. But the day I had more time, and I could read at my normal speed again, I didn't feel that anymore, and I even went back to check if it was me or the story. And it was totally me. Enough happens in every chapter and the story always moves forward, so this story has the perfect length. I mean, yeah, this book is kind of a slowburn, but if this book was super fast, you would miss everything. Since a lot happens.


Also, I love that the pov switches, and that we as readers can follow both Kyra and Sebastian. And I want to say a lot more about this wonderful book, but then I would go straight into spoilers, so maybe I will look back on book one in my review of book two. For now, just read this wonderful book and enjoy this magical world full of secrets.



This book is a wonderful read for everyone who loves fantasy. It has a super cool plot, and the characters (especially some cyphers) are super likeable. It's a wonderful journey to follow, and when you finish this book, you instantly want to read book two, so it's better to also have that one already. A must read for all fantasy lovers.



“Place one pebble in a river and it might be washed away,” I said. “But keep placing pebbles in a river and eventually, you’ll change the course of the river.” - Reign returned, Katie Keridan.