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Title: Art

Author: Marin Darmonkow

Genre(s): Fantasy

My rating: 5/5 stars

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Age category: Children's fiction

The story

Art is a story about Art. Art is autistic, but also very artistic. This story, without text, inspires readers to use their own imagination to make the story. To use their own emotions and feelings to create the journey. And with that, every reader, and every time you read it, you will see another story coming to live.


The Characters

This story follows one character. Art. Art has one best friend, his teddy bear, who is always with him. Art also doesn't speak, but he loves to make art. Art is a mysterious figure who expresses himself through music and art, and that makes him super unique.


The setting

Art is a janitor in the circus. And therefore, you see that setting coming to live in most of the pages. Together with his magical bear, he performs gravity-defying acts for an audience. The setting has something magical, coming through the illustrations, and every time you look at it, you see other details coming to live.


My opinion

Okay, this book is so unique. At least, I have never read a book like this before. And I do recommend all of you to read this book. Because the experience... it's everything.

Art is seriously a wonderful story. Art is about Art who is autistic and artistic. Art does not speak, but does make art. And Art tells us a story. A story that you should do what you dream. And then it starts. Wonderful pages full of art. Not text. Just art. You have to make the story. You need to look at what you see, feel, and think. You can make verbal stories with the pictures, or just read it in your heart. Your story with this book will be unique. Since everyone feels different things looking at art.

But there's a message in all the pictures, you can do whatever you dream, whatever you want. Just do it, just like Art does. Even when you're not 'normal' for the outside world, you can make beautiful things in life. Let's look at this book, read it, and then use the important message in real life. Next to the fact that this story is unique and wonderful.

The art is so stunning. I have looked at it for hours now. The colors, the lines, everything fits so well together. It catches your attention right away and doesn't let go of it. Every time you look at it, you notice new details, and another story develops in your mind.



This book deserves all the attention it can get. And I recommend all of you to read this book. This story is so unique, and something everyone should experience once in their lives. It's also just a wonderful collection to your bookshelf, and then every time when you have nothing to do, you open it and read a brand new story. 



"Do what you dream" - Marin Darmonkow, ART.


{I received this book as a digital and physical review copy, wherefore I thank the author: Marin Darmonkow. Also thanks to for hosting the booktour last year. This however does not influence my opinion of the story.}